Why Choose A Independent Medicare Insurance Agent?

They are Medicare Experts

The Medicare program, like many government programs, is subject to change by lawmakers and has a number of important rules and regulations that you have to follow In order to be eligible.

Licensed independent agents in the Medicare arena are trained professionals with years of experience and knowledge about the rules regarding enrollment and program operation. They stay abreast of changes in the laws. They know the program inside and out so that you don’t have to.

Use their understanding of the Medicare program to your advantage. Not only will they have a detailed understanding of the parameters of your policy, but they can also serve you with the vital information you need to get enrolled and receiving your benefits.

One of the most important considerations to think about is whether you want to work with an independent insurance agent, call center, or directly with a insurance provider.

Arizona Medicare Specialists by Insurance Profressionals of Arizona is a local based company with an office and is not a call center.

With plans changing every year,  its confusing to know which plan is the best choice. By speaking to a local Medicare agent, you learn about the choices available to you and will be able to get the right plan for the most coverage at the best price.

Each insurance carrier plan will vary in its premiums, its coverage options, its supplementary services like pharmacy and dental options, and its service area limitations.



They Help You With a Cost-Efficient Plan

Medicare Advantage and Medigap plan premiums are based on a number of contributing factors including, age, gender, health concerns, and where you live.

A good independent agent stays updated with the news and changing deductibles in various plans and can determine the most cost-effective plan given your particular circumstances. Remember, independent agents work directly for you, not the insurance companies.


They Serve You With a Variety of Available Options

Independent agents or brokers literally have dozens of insurance providers to request quotes and policies from. They have a vast selection of options that can meet your specific needs regardless of your health or budget.

While contracting with an independent agent, you get the benefit of comparing as many plans as you want before you narrow down your preferences.


They Won't Charge You Anything

The rate offered by your insurer for the policy already accounts the commission for your agent or broker.

It doesn’t cost you anything to get the help you need from a well-informed, experienced and licensed independent agent, even if you don’t decide to purchase the policy.


They Save You Time

Time is a valuable asset in any person’s life. Whether you are retired or not, your agent is saving you time from the hassle and footwork of visiting and researching many different insurance companies and their plans. This is the work they do every day and it’s one of the greatest advantages of working with an independent agent.


They Are Unbiased

Your independent insurance agent or broker works with various insurance providers and can get several quotes, without bias or preference for any of them.

They double-check to recommend a plan that fits all your needs while you can count on unbiased and comprehensive information from them. They want what’s best for you and they do not have any loyalty to any particular insurance company.


They are The One-Stop Shopping Solution

Insurance agents or brokers have continuous access to various software programs that can provide you answers to frequently asked questions, convenient plan information, and assistance in designing the policy that fits your needs.

Indeed, they are your one-stop solution for providing hassle-free, round-the-clock assistance related to any insurance or Medicare question.


They Offer Services After the Policy is in Place

The work of your independent insurance agent doesn’t just end after you purchase a policy. Your independent agent is always there to answer questions and can help you address your policy concerns, changes, and renewals in the coming years.

They can help you to annually review your coverage and continue to select a correct plan based on your changing needs.


All of these variables require consideration. Adding to the decision are the countless number of insurance carrier options around you.

As you weigh all of this with what is best for you, given personal your budget and your individual healthcare needs, it can be very helpful to consult with a licensed Medicare insurance agent. These agents have specialized expertise and knowledge and can guide you to a plan that will exactly meet your needs and your budget.

Licensed Medicare agents like us have the experience and familiarity with all the options out there. Seeking our help will allow you to quickly sift through the most viable options and save you enormous amounts of time and energy as you make your decision and select a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan.



What Are The Top Benefits Of Having An Independent Insurance Agent?

Medicare Plans Coverage Typically Includes

hospital stays medicare
out patient care procedures
emergency transportation coverage

Hospital Stays

Doctor & Specialists Visits

Preventative Care & Vaccines

Lab Work, X-Rays, Screenings

Outpatient Care & Procedures

Emergency Room Transport


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